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Get the expertise you need, whatever your environment

The demands on your application infrastructure are increasing exponentially. Whether you want to optimize your WAN environment, leverage newer application layer technologies like HTTP/2, or ramp up cloud adoption to solve a host of challenges, consider leveraging Shaka’s consulting expertise. Our professional services deliver real-world business results—while reducing costs that impact on your organization.

Reduce costs, reduce risk

Reduce the cost and risk involved in implementing high-performance solutions. Leverage the years of experience and best practices that Shaka has developed in complex multivendor environments.

Optimize your system resources

You've made a sizable investment in technology. Shaka experts will help you optimize your systems for speed and reliability—regardless of architecture.

Make a smooth transition

You expect a lot from your cloud/virtual environment. Higher performance. Greater availability. More agility. With Shaka Professional Services, you can build next-generation infrastructure that helps you realize cloud/virtualisation benefits.

Access proven Shaka Cloud expertise

Speed your transition to a cloud-optimized environment. Maximize bandwidth by optimizing data traffic flow. And scale in a heartbeat. Shaka experts leverage 18+ years of best practices that are proven to improve performance—and reduce cost and risk.

Improve system flexibility to ensure growth

Shaka Professional Services helps you strengthen and streamline your network systems by leveraging cutting-edge technology. We maximize your bandwidth by optimizing data traffic delivery. Working collaboratively, we also enable the a flexible transition of network technologies that enables your application environments to grow.

Align your WAN network with your business needs

You need robust data center architecture to meet your current and future requirements. You’ll want to optimize WAN performance to deliver maximum data and system availability, while minimizing the impact of system design and implementation. The bottom line? Shaka helps you build a robust system that enables your team to focus on your core business, rather than routine system management.

Realize the ROI of virtualization

Ready to deliver on the promise of virtualization? Have you assessed your readiness to deploy virtual firewalls and migrate from traditional hardware-based infrastructure. Rely on Shaka for technology design options that leverage your existing infrastructure or create new virtual/cloud environments. Look to Shaka for assistance and leverage our expertise in implementing your cloud/virtual environments. You can also use Shaka’s optimization services to fine-tune your application traffic.

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