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Efficient and Secure Application Delivery

The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC allows organisations and cloud operators to manage, secure and efficiently deliver key services. Ishlangu has the ability to control and maximise end-user services by optimising, prioritising and securing application traffic. The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC's deployment options provide the flexibility to deploy in your existing infrastructure, whether it is the cloud, virtual environment or bare-metal server hardware, with a full set of features.


SSL Offloading

SSL transactions are resource intensive and can slow down application performance. Offloading the SSL transactions to Ishlangu Load Balancer ADCs frees up application server resources to focus on delivering rich applications to end-users and ensure application scalability.

Content Caching

The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC improves the user's experience by reducing server response time. Caching content saves network bandwidth requirements and reduces load on application servers. The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC gives complete control over what and how you want to cache, with no changes to code or web servers or your network setup. It uses RAM to cache the response - assuring near 0 time-to-first-byte latency for a cached response, improving the end-user experience.

Data Compression

To maximise outbound bandwidth usage, the Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC can automatically compress content to minimise network traffic between application servers and the end user. Because there are fewer bytes to transmit, compression accelerates the speed at which content is returned to the end user, providing a better user experience. Best of all, this capability is compatible with most modern browsers, requiring no additional software.

Web Content and Connection Optimisation

Speed up web content served across networks regardless of access device or browser used for improved application performance and high level of service for users. The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC can accelerate the load times of your complex web pages by up to four times, while increasing server capacity by up to 60 percent.


Content Routing

The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC with it's uControl Script™ engine, provides full traffic control and can route requests to servers based on region, device, browser or a number of other factors. This enables organisations to deliver customised application responses to end-users.

Rate Control

Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC's have the ability to granularly control the number of requests to protect against rate based attacks like Denial of Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Administrators have the ability to throttle or drop traffic based on the end-user.

Access Control

Effective user authorisation and access controls with the Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC's Access Plans, enforce secure authentication and granular security for all published applications. Single-sign on (SSO) capabilities allow you to securely publish enterprise web applications such as Microsoft Sharepoint and Exchange, allowing authenticated users seamless access across multiple applications without having to login multiple times.

Ease of Use

With 5 minute setup, an intuitive web UI for administration and reporting and automatic updates for firmware, Geo-IP and security definitions, administration is trouble free end-to-end.


Smart Traffic Management

Intelligent traffic management and monitoring capabilities enable the Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC to distribute traffic efficiently while ensuring high application availability. It monitors server health to determine that application servers are not only reachable but alive and responding to application requests. If the Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC detects issues, it automatically removes the downed servers from the server farm and rebalances traffic among the remaining servers.

High Availability

Intelligently deployed in high availability (HA) pairs, Ishlangu Load Balancer ADCs deliver the high availability required by modern data centres. Configured in Active/Passive HA configurations, the Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC will automatically synchronise configurations between the pair and automatically failover if any fault is detected with the primary unit.

Elastic Scalability

The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC's multi-node clustering provides on-demand scaling capabilities to your application delivery. It provides organisations the ability to scale out capacity to enormous levels. Unlike other load balancer high-availability deployments, Ishlangu's multi-node clustering technology not only ensures your application's availability, it provides the means to seamlessly scale up your application's capacity as traffic demands increase.

Session Persistence

Session persistence is required for applications where state information is not automatically shared across a server farm and each user's session must be handled by the same server. The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC manages persistence requirements for application sessions seamlessly, no matter what the back-end application technology (ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Coldfusion etc.)


Complete Application Layer Security

The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC provides industry-leading security to help organisations secure critical applications. It protects against OWASP Top 10 attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting and Cross-site Request Forgery. The security scanning engine enforces a positive security model on all data submitted by end-users, protecting your online services from zero-day threats and attacks.

Session Protection

Most applications use cookies or hidden, read-only parameters for application session state and other sensitive information. The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC can encrypt or sign these tokens to prevent third party impersonation attacks.

Data Loss Prevention

The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC also offers outbound content inspection and rewriting, with the uControl Script™ engine, for Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Write outbound content inspection rules that prevent data leakage by masking responses containing sensitive information such as credit card numbers or any custom data patterns.

DDoS/DoS Protection

Stop damaging denial of service attacks such as SYN Flood, HTTP DoS and PING of Death, while still allowing legitimate users to maintain access to your applications. The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC prevents application layer DoS attacks such as Slowloris, LOIC and Pandora on both HTTP and HTTPS. Request throttling limits clients to a certain number of requests per interval, preserving resources for users who access applications in a more reasonable manner.

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