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The dynamic Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC is ideal for optimising application performance and security. Using health checks and protocol optimisations, the Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC distributes traffic among servers for efficient use of server resources and provides server failover for high-availability. Advanced features for application acceleration, integrated security and full application traffic control, put the Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC far above other solutions for performance and value.

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To begin the live demo, click the "View Demo" button below, then login with the credentials below. Please note that Ishlangu's administrative console only supports recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Username: demouser
Password: DemoUser1234

Don't forget to check out

While you are taking a look through the live demo, don't forget to check out these amazing features:

uControl Script™

With the power of uControl Script™ you can manipulate HTTP requests and responses on the fly! Now with code completion and snippet support, uControl Script™ is even easier to get started with.

Real-Time Traffic Statistics

Keep up to date with Real-Time Traffic Statistics. Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC records all traffic coming in and going out of the unit. Ishlangu makes it easy to analyse which proxies and back-end servers are seeing the most traffic, to help administrators take appropriate action.

Health Monitoring

It is vital to monitor you network. Ishlangu's Health Indicators let you know the state of your proxies, farms, and real servers. Monitors can be applied to farms to query your applications for more fine-grained application aware health monitoring

Application Firewall

Security is essential. Ishlangu comes with a built-in Web Application Firewall. Protect your servers from DoS, DDoS, SQL-Injection, CSRF, and XSS attacks. Worried about uploaded files infected with a virus? Ishlangu's AV-Engine will ease your concerns.

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